Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby Girl!!

Haven’t written on here in a while, I have to get used to blogging!

There have been several fantastic updates since I last wrote. The biggest and best one is that Baby Yee is a girl! Of course I’m beyond thrilled, and Travis is freaking out about ballet lessons, boys and her future wedding all before she has even entered this world. I could already tell she is going to be a Daddy’s girl, and he will be like putty in her cute little hands! We have also settled on a name, but it won’t be revealed until Baby Girl is born. We want to leave some elements to surprise, and plus I’m kind superstitious about family/friends referring to her by name before she is born. I know, I know I’m weird but it brings peace to me knowing that most people don’t know her name yet.

The anatomy scan with the perinatologist was so incredible. Baby is about a pound now and 7-8 inches long (about the size of a papaya). We were able to see some of her physical features such as her hands, feet, legs, and facial features during the scan. She was moving around and kicking like crazy as it was happening and you could see her punching/kicking me, it was unreal. We also had a 3d scan where we could see her facial features up close: the outline of her lips and nose, and her facial shape. It was probably one of my favorite experiences I’ve had since pregnancy started. I will be seeing my perinatologist every 4 weeks from now until the delivery because she wants to monitor the baby’s weight. When you have Crohn’s Disease you are more prone to have a baby that has a lower birth weight than normal. As of right now Baby Yee is growing on track, and there are no problems that the perinatologist noticed so that was a relief. My next appointment is in 2 weeks and I will be almost 26 weeks by then, so I can’t imagine how much she has grown.
Side Profile
3D Scan of Baby Girl Yee!
So naturally when you find out the sex of your baby, what’s the next thing you do?!?! Travis and I took on the daunting task of registering for everything and anything you can imagine in Babies R Us. I can’t believe how many things babies need, I felt extremely overwhelmed, but we managed to finish. Of course I was reluctant to zap so many things, but Travis took the gun from me and starting zapping away which he definitely enjoyed. The bigger items we decided to keep neutral in case we end up having a boy (Travis has his fingers crossed) in the future, but we still registered for girly items. We have also picked out a nursery theme which is adorable, and also in the process of deciding on a paint color (leaning towards a subtle purple). Travis and I also bought our first sports shirts for Baby Girl, of course you know who has the better choice. I also bought her first outfit, Travis was a little appalled at some of the clothing for young babies, the short skirts and booty shorts will not be an option as he said hahaha. I could just picture what he will be like in the future!
I love the ruffles!
I will be 6 months on Sunday! I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by, and that she will be here in 16 weeks. The movement in my stomach has intensified, but I love every second of it. When she is moving around, you could see my stomach moving which was a little freaky at first, but now doesn’t bother me. I have also popped which is a huge transition for me, I don’t really mind it though, just trying to adapt to it. Although I am now dealing with heartburn and swollen feet all of a sudden, so I’m sure it won’t get any better from this point on. I am hungry all the time, but have been trying to watch my weight. I have an OB appointment tomorrow, and I am dreading the scale (haven’t seen him in about 3-4 weeks). The weirdest craving I’ve had so far is putting Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce all over my salad during lunch the other day.

Many family/friends have asked where we are registered! We are registered at Babies R Us, and also here:
We are planning to cloth diaper, so Cotton Babies is a great site where they offer the cloth diapers we are interested in. 

That's all for now!