Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy 3 Months Hannah!

Dearest Hannah,
I can't believe you are three months old, time has gone by pretty quickly! It felt like only yesterday you were still in Mommy's belly kicking away. You are growing so well, and changing right before our eyes. You have been doing new things and learning new skills every day which makes Daddy and I so happy. You are such a huge blessing in our lives, and I look forward to seeing your smiling face every day!
Daddy and I love you more than words can say!

Mommy & Daddy

The Third Month of Hannah's Life

Height & Weight: At your doctor's appointment in the beginning of September you were 10 lbs. 10 oz. which means at this point you should be around 12 lbs. You are also 23 inches long!

Sleeping: You are still sleeping 8-10 hours a night which is awesome! We are starting to put you to bed between 8:30-9:30pm and you usually sleep til 7-8am. Usually you start grunting and stirring around 6am when Mommy gets up to get ready for work. You are still falling asleep on your own at night and during naptime but usually cry for 15 minutes until you fall asleep. At this point you are still sleeping in your rocker in our bedroom, but that will change once we move you to your crib come November! At Miss Debbie's (babysitter) you nap in your pack and play. As for naps you take a cat nap in the morning for around an hour or so, and then one long 3 hour nap in the afternoon. Keep it up Baby Girl!

Eating: You are eating about 6 times a day and go 3 hours in between feedings. We have switched over to just formula and you are eating 5 1/2 -6 oz.

Your Hair: It is growing so long! Daddy and I noticed it's starting to change color to a dark shade of brown with light brown highlights. I love love love your hair! I hope to be able to put some tiny pigtails in it soon!

Your Eyes: They are still dark brown and beautiful!

Clothes: It is now Fall so we have started diving into all your comfy clothes! You are still wearing 0-3 months and probably will be able to for another few weeks! You have an adorable Fall/Winter wardrobe thanks to Grandma and Poppa! Mommy also bought your Halloween costume, which we are going to have your pictures taken in! You are going to be a cute little lamb. We are still looking for a Winter coat/Snow suit, hopefully we won't need that for some time.

Diapers: You are wearing Size 1 Pampers Swaddlers. Your cloth diapers are all washed and ready to go and we finally put you in one!

Favorite Toys: You have finally started to love your swing!! It took 3 months but you are getting used to it and falling asleep in it. We have started to expose you to all your toys (rattles, noise makers, etc.) and you are so alert and ready to grab at them! You are still amazed by your Mobile Jungle Gym, and love the flashing lights that go off as the music plays. I can't wait until you are able to start grasping your toys and playing with them on your own.

Your Favorite Songs: You still like when Daddy sings Jesus Loves You to you. Also Mommy has been playing a Toddler Station for you on Pandora and you still to like the music!

Nicknames: Mommy and Daddy call you Lovey and Princess still! Others call you Hannah Poo and Hannah Banana!

Milestones: You are almost ready to roll over and have started to sit up on your own for a very short amount of time. Your Bumbo seat helps strengthen your back, and lets you watch the world around you. Mommy and Daddy love waking up to your smiling face every morning. You smile and laugh so much now, it's the highlight of our days.

Happy 3 Months Hannah Grace!!!